“ I grew up in a family that was very barbed and difficult, and there was a lot of humor. None of it was painless humor. All of it was at someone else's expense. It was kind of always about power. ”

— John Wells

“ I can't fall apart every time I mention that my mother's gone. I actually laugh about stories or things or situations. Of course there's a wound that will never be patched up, but I approach it with humor. Of course, I don't overlook it and go straight for the humor, but I think we have to have humor to move forward. ”

— Colman Domingo

“ The President has a wonderful sense of humor, which is one of the reasons it is so much fun to work for him. ”

— Karen Hughes

“ Our first show, 'A Little Nightmare Music,' encompasses a lot of zany humor with beautiful classical music. ”

— Aleksey Igudesman

“ 'Big Bang Theory' is not my kind of show. It's not my humor. I don't like multicam comedies. I don't want an audience to tell me when to laugh. ”

— Zachary Knighton

“ Any good humor is sophomoric. 'Sophomoric' is the liberal word for funny. ”

— Michael O'Donoghue

“ A lot about Congress is about forming good working relationships with people, and humor can really help you do that. ”

— Linda Sanchez

“ People may think of Southern humor in terms of missing teeth and outhouse accidents, but the best of it is a rich vein running through the best of Southern literature. ”

— Roy Blount, Jr.

“ Cervantes is the most important Spanish writer. But he is not the most representative of the Spanish. His irony, his sense of humor - they are too subtle to seem Spanish. ”

— Antonio Munoz Molina

“ Things can be funny only when we are in fun. When we're 'dead earnest,' humor is the only thing that is dead. ”

— Flip Wilson

“ The script was just the best I'd read in a long time and I love the humor, which I wasn't expecting, and I like the fact that my six year old daughter can see the show without being, you know, protected from it. ”

— Stephen Collins

“ I think Damien Hirst is hilarious. And I think he's a true artist. He's not hilarious first; I think he is a real artist, and I also think he's got an amazing sense of humor. ”

— Jemima Kirke

“ I never wanted to do observational humor because I never wanted to tell people what they were seeing. ”

— Richard Lewis

“ There are the horror fans that love the 'Evil Dead' because of the humor, but I'm sure it's not all of them. Not all horror fans love 'Evil Dead' because of the humor, at least not me. ”

— Fede Alvarez

“ I choose my actors well and get to know the quirks of their personalities - and, most of all, I share humor with them. Then I keep my eyes open when they rehearse and perform, because you never know where the next stimulation comes from. ”

— George Cukor

“ I certainly didn't say while writing 'Gossip Girl,' 'Oh this is going to be big!' It was really like, 'Oh god, everyone's gong to hate these people! They're so bratty!' But I actually think what is so appealing about them is the humor in them. ”

— Cecily von Ziegesar

“ Humor writing requires a rhythm and timing, as well as some kind of connection to the reader, and I think that's how I tap into it. ”

— Kristan Higgins

“ Humor writing is something that comes naturally to me. ”

— Kristan Higgins

“ Cameron Crowe can write dialogue and shoot it with warmth and humor like nobody else. ”

— Emma McLaughlin

“ In everything I write, I'm always striving to hit the right mix of light and darkness, humor and pain, fun and seriousness. ”

— Greg van Eekhout

“ I tend to like dry humor. ”

— Dan Scanlon

“ Yes, I have a good sense of humor to sort of last a long time in show business, and I think to be able to find comedic value in who you are and the people that you work is always a good thing. ”

— Jane Krakowski

“ The interesting thing about humor is that in humor, you - in logic, something is A or not A. In humor, it's both A and not A. ”

— Robert Mankoff

“ At NBC I wasn't really sure if the grandparents were going to get my sense of humor on a particular topic. ”

— Tabitha Soren

“ Humor - I see it as a survival skill. ”

— Jill McCorkle

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