“ I've got five kids and I'm married, Tommy's got two kids and he's been married, Vince just got married again, Mick's out of a relationship, Tommy's single as well. We've done a lot in our life, we've covered a lot of miles. ”

— Nikki Sixx

“ I'd think, 'In a relationship, we should never have his kind of fight.' Then, instead of figuring out how to make it work, I looked for a way to get out of it. The truth is, you shouldn't be married if your that kind of person. ”

— George Clooney

“ If you really want to make a relationship work, at some point in time, you're going to have to make some sacrifices and do some things that are a little bit uncomfortable. ”

— Ashton Kutcher

“ Unfortunately, I think we've probably all had the experience that if we're in a relationship where one of the partners is doing it 'my' way, that relationship is not going to survive. ”

— Twyla Tharp

“ Though I still have no semblance of a life outside of Nine Inch Nails at the moment, I realize my goals have gone from getting a record deal or selling another record to being a better person, more well-rounded, having friends, having a relationship with somebody. ”

— Trent Reznor

“ I have a very dark sense of humor. I swear. I have a very playful relationship with Jesus. ”

— Anne Lamott

“ A lot of people are afraid to face themselves, especially when something goes wrong. But that's important, because if something happens within a relationship, it could be how you're allowing someone else to treat you. ”

— Christina Aguilera

“ Christian children should be taught at an early age that everything they receive is because of God's grace and love. They will grow up more appreciative and begin to understand that they, too, must have a relationship with Christ. Christian children should also be taught how to give. ”

— Monica Johnson

“ I definitely think anything I'd be in now is a permanent relationship. ”

— Kim Kardashian

“ The U.K. needs a system for family migration underpinned by three simple principles. One: that those who come here should do so on the basis of a genuine relationship. Two: that migrants should be able to pay their way. And three: that they are able to integrate into British society. ”

— Theresa May

“ If you want a long-term relationship that doesn't require a lot of work, I say, get a dog. They love you no matter what. But when it comes to humans, there's no secret; you really have to appreciate the person every single day. ”

— Denis Leary

“ I grew up very religious, and I don't have a great relationship with religion. ”

— Brad Pitt

“ When you're in a relationship, if you just break it down to regular terms, people are attracted to something, and that's what they want you to be, and that's what you should just be, and for me, it's very simple - if I meet a girl and I say, 'This is what I like about you. Just continue. Every day.' ”

— Marilyn Manson

“ Most people have a passive relationship with music and clothes, with culture. But music was my first contact with anything creative. Music is it, as far as I'm concerned. ”

— Martin Freeman

“ If you're in a heterosexual relationship and you're a female, you win. ”

— Megan Fox

“ I have a great relationship with my mother-in-law. We're both Leos, we understand each other. ”

— Tori Amos

“ To talk about a relationship trivializes something that's nobody's business. ”

— Jennifer Aniston

“ Once you have somebody that is telling you, 'We are interpreting God for you,' it seems like you either agree or you don't. You either say, like Martin Luther, 'I'm going to have a direct relationship with the word of God,' or I'm going to go through a conduit of God on Earth,' which would be the Pope. ”

— Penn Jillette

“ I have a love/ hate relationship with the city of New Orleans, which is the strongest kind of relationship. ”

— Nicolas Cage

“ Every relationship has its complications. ”

— Rob Lowe

“ Opposites may attract, but I wouldn't put my money on a relationship of financial opposites. ”

— Suze Orman

“ Part of our tradition as black women is that we are universalists. Black children, yellow children, red children, brown children, that is the black woman's normal, day-to-day relationship. In my family alone, we are about four different colors. ”

— Alice Walker

“ In the grip of a neurological disorder, I am fast losing control of words even as my relationship with the world has been reduced to them. ”

— Christopher Hitchens

“ When people say 'marriage' to me... It's always a means to an end. Everyone's so in a rush to define the relationship. ”

— Lady Gaga

“ I think in a way, you're doomed, once you can envision something. You're sort of doomed to make it happen. I've found that the moment I can envision leaving a relationship, that's usually the moment that the relationship starts to fall apart. ”

— Chuck Palahniuk

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