“ One of the joys of writing historical fiction is the chance to read as much as you like on a pet subject - so much that you could easily bore your friends senseless on the topic. ”

— Deanna Raybourn

“ I'm a writer who stacks cat food for a living. It's true: I have a master's degree in creative writing, I've published two critically successful books, and I get paid to replenish the shelves of my local food co-op with pet food, sponges and toilet paper. Nine days out of 10, I do it quite happily. ”

— Ali Liebegott

“ I have this pet thing about how global communications are moving so fast now, throwing information at you, making everything available to you, and yet I feel it's leaving us more and more isolated. ”

— Mike Rutherford

“ Chadron had a water tower, grain elevators, a tanning salon, a video rental store, a small liberal arts college, a Hardee's, a stoplight, and a curling yellow sign in the pet store window that read, 'Hamsters and Tarantulas Featured Today.' ”

— Poe Ballantine

“ I was in New York and I walked into this pet store and came out with a dog. ”

— Beverley Mitchell

“ People were a little leery when I was doing the press for my last album 'Rumble Doll,' yes. It's always that thing that this is a dilettante or a pet project. ”

— Patti Scialfa

“ My biggest pet peeve is when people don't admit what they've done. ”

— Daniela Bobadilla

“ Legislators are interested in their pet projects, getting re-elected, and popularity contests. ”

— Bud Grant

“ Though each trainer believes his or her method is best, I don't think it matters which method the pet owner adopts so long as that owner finds a capable mentor and sticks with the training. Eventually you will learn to see your dog, and when that happens, the richness of your and your dog's lives will tell you what to do next. ”

— Donald McCaig

“ Once they become AKC registered, the newspapers will become flooded with ads for them. And you'll see Border collies in pet stores and animal shelters. ”

— Donald McCaig

“ I do not believe that I will ever write an adult novel from an animal's point of view unless someday it becomes suddenly appealing to me to make a narrator a mentally ill pet. Never say never. ”

— Andrea Seigel

“ For every book that I write... I develop a history for each person and make sure they are well rounded and flawed. You have to know everything about them from their shoe size, to where they went to school, to what their first pet was, to what they like to eat, to what they want out of life. ”

— Jojo Moyes

“ People didn't think animals thought or remembered or had minds! They most certainly do: any pet owner knows more than a lot of scientists about animals. ”

— Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

“ Environmentalists hate sprawl - except when it comes to the size of their expansive pet legislation on Capitol Hill. ”

— Michelle Malkin

“ I'm a dog person, but I don't have a pet. ”

— Timothy Simons

“ I was ridiculed in public school for being smart. A teacher's pet. ”

— Julia Glass

“ We have a habit of turning to scientists when we want factual answers and artists when we want entertainment, but where are the facts about the nature of the self? Neurologists peering at PET scans and fMRIs know they aren't seeing the soul in there. ”

— James Gleick

“ One of my big pet peeves is single-use plastic bags. I think it's one of the stupidest ideas in the world. ”

— Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

“ In summation, like your beloved pet rock, Twitter is useful only in your imagination. ”

— David Harsanyi

“ All writers have their own pet commandments. ”

— Darin Strauss

“ Just like hair frames our face, brows frame our eyes. I see so much potential in harmonized beauty whenever I see a woman who's not filling in her brows, and I just want to go in with my brow pencil and just be like, 'Filling in eyebrows, OK, done - look in the mirror and be inspired.' That's one of my pet peeves, but beauty is subjective. ”

— Michelle Phan

“ I don't read good books anymore, it seems; I just buy them and put them on the shelf and every now and then walk over and pet them. I'm like the optimistic dieter who fills her closet with clothes two sizes too small and dreams of the day she can wear them. I know just what I want to do when I retire. ”

— Mary Roach

“ In truth, I'm not really a cat person. Seamus, the wonder dog, still deeply mourned by all who knew him, was just about the only pet I've ever really loved. ”

— Michael Dirda

“ It is a pet peeve of mine when people throw around arguments citing 'Fair Use' and yet fail to actually explain what a fair use argument actually is. ”

— Rachel Sklar

“ Growing up in Kansas City, I was always neat, the teacher's pet, know-it-all type. ”

— Gretchen Rubin

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