“ Highly educated young people are tutored, taught and monitored in all aspects of their lives, except the most important, which is character building. When it comes to this, most universities leave them alone. ”

— David Brooks

“ Words alone cannot fully convey the realities of the soul or the greatness of the human spirit. ”

— William Shirley

“ When one by one our ties are torn, and friend from friend is snatched forlorn; when man is left alone to mourn, oh! then how sweet it is to die! ”

— Anna Letitia Barbauld

“ We neither laugh alone, nor weep alone, why then should we pray alone? ”

— Anna Letitia Barbauld

“ Sometimes I think that the biggest difference between men and women is that more men need to seek out some terrible lurking thing in existence and hurl themselves upon it. Women know where it lives but they can let it alone. ”

— Russell Hoban

“ Solitude, though it may be silent as light, is like light, the mightiest of agencies; for solitude is essential to man. All men come into this world alone and leave it alone. ”

— Thomas de Quincey

“ I don't like to work with assistants. I'm already one too many; the camera alone would be enough. ”

— Alfred Eisenstaedt

“ Men was formed for society, and is neither capable of living alone, nor has the courage to do it. ”

— William Blackstone

“ For every five well-adjusted and smoothly functioning Americans, there are two who never had the chance to discover themselves. It may well be because they have never been alone with themselves. ”

— Marya Mannes

“ It's amazing the things you hear from your players talking to them one on one. I never embarrassed a player, I spoke with him alone. ”

— Morgan Wootten

“ As a songwriter, if you can touch people and make them feel a little less alone in the world, then you've done your job. ”

— Tom Cochrane

“ The history of philosophy is not, like the history of the sciences, to be studied with the intellect alone. That which is receptive in us and that which impinges upon us from history is the reality of man's being, unfolding itself in thought. ”

— Karl Jaspers

“ There have been more books alone written about Hamlet than have been written about the Bible. ”

— Mark Rylance

“ I like to race, not to do laps alone. ”

— Fernando Alonso

“ Your life is yours and yours alone. Rise up and live it. ”

— Terry Goodkind

“ The athlete of today is not an athlete alone. He's the center of a team - doctors, scientists, coaches, agents and so on. ”

— Emil Zatopek

“ We are never the same with others as when we are alone. We are different, even when we are in the dark with them. ”

— Maurice Maeterlinck

“ One cannot live on potatoes alone. It is said that one wants bread with potatoes. And when there's no bread, a Jew takes his stick, and goes through the village in search of business. ”

— Sholom Aleichem

“ The struggle is so great that the triumph over fascism alone is worth the sacrifice of our lives. ”

— Federica Montseny

“ But in the end, in the end one is alone. We are all of us alone. I mean I'm told these days we have to consider ourselves as being in society... but in the end one knows one is alone, that one lives at the heart of a solitude. ”

— Harold Bloom

“ The right to be let alone is indeed the beginning of all freedoms. ”

— William O. Douglas

“ Pressure is an emotional paralysis. It's hard enough to do the dishes when you're feeling pressured, let alone make a movie. ”

— Jennifer Lynch

“ In the last 5 years, American employers have lost over $150 billion of productivity to depression alone. That is more than the GDP of 28 different States during the same period. ”

— Patrick J. Kennedy

“ Luckily, my husband is my business partner as well as my life partner, so I never had to do the heavy lifting alone, literally or figuratively. ”

— Josie Maran

“ Young people discovering their sexuality must know they walk with a strong tradition and that they are not alone. They have a right to information without being pressured. ”

— Jasmine Guy

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