“ Presumptions of guilt or innocence may sometimes be strengthened or weakened by the place of birth and kind of education and associates a man has grown up with, and good character may at times interpose, and justly save, under suspicion, one who is accused of crime on slight circumstances. ”

— Levi Woodbury

“ In the course of her education she had gone through the history usually put into the hands of young people... now her ripened reason gave to her present study at least the advantage of novelty. ”

— Charlotte Smith

“ TV serves us most usefully when presenting junk-entertainment; it serves us most ill when it co-opts serious modes of discourse - news, politics, science, education, commerce, religion. ”

— Neil Postman

“ Education is the foundation for all we do in life, it shapes who we are and what we aspire to be. Creativity fuels innovation, and it's what all states should strive to instill in the next generations. ”

— Jim Hunt

“ Looking back, I realize that nurturing curiosity and the instinct to seek solutions are perhaps the most important contributions education can make. ”

— Paul Berg

“ They basically said that if I didn't show up for school they'd mark me present, they wouldn't send the truant officer after me. At 16 I enrolled in something called continuing education. Once a month I'd go out to Jamaica, but I didn't take it seriously. ”

— Dave Van Ronk

“ A wise system of education will at last teach us how little man yet knows, how much he has still to learn. ”

— John Lubbock

“ I think that you have to do everything you can do to empower girls when they are young, from their education, to their successful independence, to their sexual self-knowledge. ”

— Susie Bright

“ Smart businesses do not look at labor costs alone anymore. They do look at market access, transportation, telecommunications infrastructure and the education and skill level of the workforce, the development of capital and the regulatory market. ”

— Janet Napolitano

“ Yes, many immigrants cherish the value of choice and opportunity and the value of education more than 7th or 8th generation Americans. ”

— Malcolm Wallop

“ American education is still the wonder of the world, and we must open the schoolhouse doors, not close them. ”

— Lincoln Chafee

“ Some of the most exciting space education in the country is not coming out of Washington or New York or California or even Texas. It's coming from a place in Kansas called the Cosmosphere. ”

— Eugene Cernan

“ I know that many students take personal responsibility for their education and succeed as a result. I want them to know they are not alone - that Nevada's system can and will support them. ”

— Brian Sandoval

“ It is imperative to change the way we look at education. We should invest in the foundation of school readiness from birth to age 5. ”

— James Heckman

“ The test and the use of man's education is that he finds pleasure in the exercise of his mind. ”

— Jacques Barzun

“ It's great to talk about how good things are now. But we can't sit on our laurels and expect that our time will sustain itself if we don't do a better job on issues like education... It's absolutely the case that the low cost of college tuition that I was able to enjoy and the financial aid I was able to receive made my education possible. ”

— Wendy Davis

“ When you have a problem, rules don't solve your problem. It's caring and education. ”

— Jim Brown

“ Widespread public access to knowledge, like public education, is one of the pillars of our democracy, a guarantee that we can maintain a well-informed citizenry. ”

— Scott Turow

“ If you don't give education to people, it is easy to manipulate them. ”

— Pele

“ Dr. Ben Carson has the most moving personal narrative in modern presidential politics. His mother, one of 24 children, had only a third-grade education. She was married at age 13, bore Ben and his brother, and then raised the boys as an impoverished single mother in Detroit. As a young boy, Carson was a terrible student. ”

— Nicholas Kristof

“ For-profit higher education is today a booming industry, feeding on the student loans handed out to the desperate. ”

— Thomas Frank

“ The length of your education is less important than its breadth, and the length of your life is less important than its depth. ”

— Marilyn vos Savant

“ Philip Greenspun had a huge impact on me. He was the first person I knew of that embraced online communities, created a real business around open source, gave back to the community through education, and inspired me to explore photography. ”

— Matt Mullenweg

“ We will invest in our people, quality education, job opportunity, family, neighborhood, and yes, a thing we call America. ”

— Dan Quayle

“ Until we get equality in education, we won't have an equal society. ”

— Sonia Sotomayor

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