“ Being a mother of two myself - and two small girls - I think that single parenting is hard. ”

— Sarah Clarke

“ Parenting a pre-teen is quite something. ”

— Melissa Rivers

“ We all, as parents, are laughing at ourselves and helicopter parenting and saying, 'This isn't the way we were parented; we were allowed to run free.' When I talk to my friends, we are all fascinated by what we are doing, but we can't seem to stop ourselves. ”

— Liane Moriarty

“ I learned that life is about the people around you and the people you give back to. That's what parenting is: You're not there for yourself; you're there for your offspring and everyone else around you. ”

— Conrad Anker

“ I come from a dysfunctional family, so my views of parents and parenting used to be highly mixed. ”

— Tamora Pierce

“ Parenting now is a two-way relationship where you learn from each other. ”

— Juhi Chawla

“ Being a father of three children and grandfather to nine, I do think that this thing called 'parenting' is becoming increasingly difficult. ”

— Craig T. Nelson

“ I'm doing a lot of parenting work and acting as a spokesperson. I have a clothing line and a line of toys. ”

— Josie Bissett

“ Some have said that 'Frankenstein' is a story of a bad parenting giving rise to a troubled child. ”

— Dave Morris

“ I can only speak for my husband and myself, but we don't feel like we could do any of this parenting without our faith. ”

— Jodi Benson

“ I have a shallow understanding of what it means to be alive, and I know certain things about parenting and being a wife and doing the school run. I know little bits, but I'm really a paddler on a beach. ”

— Tamsin Greig

“ I realize that of all people, I am no expert on parenting or marriage. ”

— Mika Brzezinski

“ I'm not a parent, but it seems to me the nature of parenting is contingent, full of unexpected challenges - which is one of the wonderful and amazing things about it. ”

— Stacey D'Erasmo

“ I set out to write an anti-parenting parenting book. ”

— Bruce Feiler

“ Should kids check phones at dinner? I don't know. To me, that's a parenting choice. ”

— Sundar Pichai

“ I think there are many ways to raise great kids. From what I can tell, Ayelet Waldman's kids are interesting, strong, and happy, and if that's the case, that's good parenting. ”

— Amy Chua

“ Being a chef isn't the ideal career to intersect with parenting, but I try to be in my kids' lives as much as possible. ”

— Wylie Dufresne

“ When it comes right down to it, developing a critical sensibility about parenting isn't really about disapproval; it's about honing your own sensibilities, figuring out how you want to parent. ”

— Adam Mansbach

“ We had a kid. The kid was awesome. She didn't fall asleep easily. We complained about it. We got frustrated. But we didn't look for an out. We just accepted that this was part of parenting. ”

— Adam Mansbach

“ Sleeping is one of the more private aspects of parenting; it happens in a quiet room, whereas eating is a more public aspect of parenting. Other people can see it and compare it to what their kids eat. ”

— Adam Mansbach

“ To be honest, I know that a lot of Asian parents are secretly shocked and horrified by many aspects of Western parenting. ”

— Amy Chua

“ It's hilarious to me that by writing an obscene fake children's book I am mistaken for a parenting expert. ”

— Adam Mansbach

“ My guess is that good and bad parenting is spread fairly evenly across different social groups. But can you imagine Tony Blair lecturing the middle class on how to bring up their children? He is far more comfortable as a latter-day exponent of the Poor Law mentality. ”

— Martin Jacques

“ In my experience (I am the lone father of an eight-year-old boy who lost his mother when he was one year old), parenting is the most difficult of all jobs: forget your chief executives, editors, prime ministers and the like - parenting is far more challenging. ”

— Martin Jacques

“ Most moms and dads, they want to be good moms and dads. But it's an incredibly hard job when you are stressed out, when you are poor, when your life is in chaos. And giving them some of the tools to be better parents, to whittle away at that parenting gap, gives those kids a much better starting point in life. ”

— Nicholas Kristof

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