It is simple to be happy but very difficult to be simple.

A smile suits every kinds of clothes

With power comes the abuse of power. And where there are bosses, there are crazy bosses. It is nothing new.

When you are crazy you learn to keep quiet

Be like a diamond not like a stone found everywhere

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Be a good person in life, but be bad on the bed. ;)

Life wastes itself while we are preparing to live

nothing like is any thing but i like is every think

drink bear forget tears ....

Never feel for others to feel

Nothing you wear is more important than your smile....

Even back then, I exuded self-confidence, and that drives women crazy.

The country makes me more paranoid, you know? I think the crazy people out there are little crazier.

To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.

Sane is boring

bad attitude is the killer of success

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Sane is boring

Taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time

Every is adventure when ur in relationship!

Silence is the most powerful conversation

This status is better than missing status.

The word lie sits in the middle of word believe

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